Charlotte Engelkes

Charlotte Engelkes

Back in Flesh

Charlotte Engelkes and Bo Arenander in a mixed performance with dance, text and song.

The long collaboration with Swedish choreographer Arenander and Engelkes has led to the piece about their even earlier relations, in past lives. A joyful journey through many fragment memories, like being thrown to the lions in Rom. Or a lifetime of hidden love for each other in ancient Japan. Back in Flesh provides a personal and recognizable sense and delicate presented.

Idea and choreography Charlotte Engelkes, Bo Arenander
Texts and songs
Marina Steinmo, Charlotte Engelkes
Staged design Jonas Bohlin
Music Peter Rosenberg
Light design Torben Grut
Photo Andrés Cuervo Casablance

An Astarte Production together with Bo Arenander

Premiered in KILEN , Kulturhuset in Stockholm


“Back in flesh becomes through it´s smallscale and disrespectful invasion an unconventional experience that shows a different approach to the fiction of the stage, or was it reality.”

“This Hybrid performance … containes speech, song, dance, theatre and quite a lot of laughter.”

“On the stage, almost deserted, Engelkes and Arenander construct a fragmented meta-revue´ where the skillfulness is the only mean of the artists.”

“Distance and presence, breathlessness and full speed is not opposites but each others suporters.”

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