Charlotte Engelkes

Charlotte Engelkes

Miss Very Wagner

Women who spoke their minds. Loudly.

An epic tale of female strength and sacrifice. A night of outspoken female power with the heroines of Richard Wagner’s operas. Miss Very Wagner is a collision between opera and performance art that investigates love, war, heaven and earth in a breathtakingly intense, but also humorous collage of song, text and dance.

Charlottes Engelkes’ one-woman-show opened at Dansens Hus in Stockholm 2006 and has been touring dance- and theatre festivals among others; Euro-Scene Leipzig, Radial System Berlin, New Moves International Glasgow, Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg, Noorderzon Festival Groningen, Gran Teater for Dans Aarhus, Korjamoo Helsinki, Singapore Arts Festival, The Swedish Royal Opera house.

Women who were divine.
Women who fought for love.
Women with swords.
Women who spoke their minds. Loudly.

Created and performed by Charlotte Engelkes
Text Marina Steinmo, Charlotte Engelkes
Light design: Karl Svensson
Sound Willy Bopp
Music Willy Bopp, Richard Wagner
Costume Lotta Nilsson
Choreography assistance Bo Arenander

AN ASTARTE PRODUCTION with the kindly support of the Swedish Arts Council, the Cultural Department of Stockholm, The Arts Grants Committee and the Goethe Institute, Stockholm. Co-production: Sasha Waltz and Guests/Berlin, Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg and Dansens Hus Stockholm.

Music from the production

Willy Bopp – Hissing the Sail

Willy Bopp – Isoldes Dance


“The worlds most funniest Wagner!”  (Svenska Dagbaldet)

“Charlotte Engelkes gives opera a leap forward. For being a performance aboutdying women, Miss Very Wagner is an incredibly funny story. Engelkes is clearly in her very best and most exhilarating mood when dealing with The Great Manly Art”  (Dagens Nyheter)

“Engelkes’ reflections on female experiences in the borderland between adaptability and liberation are a mixture of poetic earnest and mischievous ingenuity that takes one’s breath away. This performance will become legendary”  (Svenska Dagbladet)

“Immense love of opera and common sense is an unexpected combination, but is true of Charlotte Engelkes. It hits a serious point and something is told about life, death and love in spite of the hockey helmet on Brunhilde’s head. Or because of it.”  (Expressen)

Photo: Anna Diehl

Photo: Anna Diehl

Photo: Anna Diehl