Charlotte Engelkes

Charlotte Engelkes

Miss Jekyll and Hyde

Four actors with different background come together in a bizarre and absurd search for Mr. Hyde.

This is Charlottes’ version and interpretation of Robert L Stevenson’s novel “The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. A mix of dance, singing, theatre, stand-up and silent movie with a unique and extra ordinaire ensemble.

On stage Mats Flink, known from theater Galeasen, Adéle Essle a young dancer from Moose Dance Company and Matthew Bowyer who is an actor from London based Station House Opera, a well known performance company. Charlotte Engelkes

Idea, Direction, Choreography Charlotte Engelkes
Co-director Peder Bjurman
Lyrics Charlotte Engelkes, Marina Steinmo
Light Peder Bjurman, Peter Lycke
Music Philippe Boix-Vives ,Willy Bopp, Marie Goyette
Sound Design Philippe Boix-Vives

An ASTARTE PRODUCTION together with Dansens Hus Stockholm. WIth Support from the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholms Läns Landsting, Stockholms kulturförvaltning, The Arts Grants Committee,

Miss Jekyll & Hyde premiered Gothenburgh Dance and Theatre festival aug 2003. Dansens Hus Stockholm. Touring Sweden for Dansnät Sverige in Västerås ,Linköping, Jönköping, Gävle. School performance for Gymnasiet, komvux and årskurs 9 i Stockholms Stad och Län,