Charlotte Engelkes

Charlotte Engelkes


Interpretation of August Strindbergs’ Samum

According to Strindberg Samum is a northern African desert wind that blows sand all the way in to the human soul and confuses the human spirit.


With Charlotte Engelkes, Bo Arenander
Idea and choreography Bo Arenander and Charlotte Engelkes
Texts and Songs August Strindberg, Charlotte Engelkes
Music Leif Jacobsson and others
Stage design Peter Nylander
Light design Jan Lilja
Photo Peter Nylander

An Astarte Production together with Bo Arenander

Premiered in KILEN , Kulturhuset in Stockholm


Dagens Nyheter 22 April 2003

“It is an easy, airy and very attractive performance”

“Two artists with strong stage charisma and presens are dancing and singing together”

Maria Lindh-Garreau

Sequence 15 and 17