Charlotte Engelkes

Charlotte Engelkes

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Explores through jokes and drama, the languages and images of Asia and Europe, directly and without pretension.

Conceived and directed by Ong Keng Sen

With collaborating Artists

Carlotta Ikeda (Butho dancer and choreographer from Japan, now based in France) – Ghost
I Wayan Didia (Mask dancer from Bali, Indonesia) – Claudius
Pichet Klunchun (Thai classical dancer from Bangkok, Thailand) – Gertrud
Ann Crosset (Dancer/performer from the US, now based in Copenhagen, Denmark) – Guilda Rose Krantz III
Aida Redza (Contemporary dancer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Laertes
Koto Yamazaki (Contemporary dancer from Tokyo, Japan) – Horatio
Charlotte Engelkes (Performer from Stockholm, Sweden) – Storyteller
Dicte (Contemporary musician and composer from Copenhagen, Denmark) – Ophelia
I Wayan Sadra (Contemporary gamelan musician from Solo, Indonesia)
Wu Wenguang (documentary film maker from Bejing, China)

Set Designer Justin Hill (Australia/Singapore)
Lighting Designer  Jesper Kongshaug (Denmark)
Costume Designer Koji Hamai (Japan)
Producer Hans Christian Gimbel (Face to Face, Denmark)
Co-Producer Tay Tong (TheatreWorks, Singapore)

The Performance is supported by: Hamlet Sommer, Kulturbro Foundation, The Theatre & Music Council of Denmark, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD), Theatre & Dance in Scandinavia, The Arts council of Denmark, Singapore National Arts Council, King Frederik & Queen Ingrid’s Foundation, Singapore Airways, The Japan and Indonesian Embassy in Denmark and The International Peoples College.