Charlotte Engelkes

Charlotte Engelkes

Very Wagnerian Night

Engelkes takes on the operatic giant, Richard Wagner.

With passion, courage and humor Engelkes takes on the operatic giant, Richard Wagner. Like Wagner, Engelkes creates a Gesamtkunstverk in which she uses all of her rich theatrical imagination. It’s fun, serious and packed with references to the opera world.

In this evening Engelkes present both her praised perfomances Miss very Wagner and Siegfried- the very Wagner hero hour.

How does a good soprano behave? That is the question in the solo performance Miss Very Wagner where Engelkes examines what separates and unites four Wagnerian heroines; Senta from The Flying Dutchman, Elsa in Lohengrin, Tristan’s Isolde and Brünnhilde of the Ring Cycle.

In Siegfried, the focus shifts to the male hero, embodied by the multitalented actor Lindy Larsson who is seconded by Charlotte Engelkes playing the roles of dwarf, dragon and valkyrie.

Very Wagnerian Night was presented at The Royal Swedish Operahouse 2013.

With Lindy Larsson, Charlotte Engelkes
Concept and Idea Charlotte Engelkes
Text Charlotte Engelkes, Sophie Holgersson, Marina Steinmo
Music, Sound Design Willi Bopp, Richard Wagner
Costume Anna Ardelius, Lotta Nilsson
Light Design Karl Svensson
Scenography Charlotte Engelkes, Karl Svensson
Stagecraft Henrik Enar
Producer Birgit Lindholm
Stage Manager Calle Düring

Thanks to Charlotte Hasselqvist, Christian Rosenberg


Photo: Mats Bäcker